How it works

Information is a place where you can transfer an existing cellular service plan between registered members. This service is free and it takes place between the members on this site. Most cellular companies offer this free transfer. Just find the person that wants to take your cell phone plan, call the cellphone company and let them know that you have found someone to take over your cell phone plan. Once the transfer is made, at your discretion, you can change your phone number.


Lets say you signed a 3 year contract with a cellular provider (example cellular company X), and you want to release yourself of your plan before the end of your contract (3 year contract), they might be a penalty fee. gives you the chance to give your cellular plan to someone without having to pay the cancellation fee associated with your plan. Just find someone who's ready to take your plan and voila.

Process is not a point of sale but a place to exchange or give a service, specifically a place where you let others know that you want to get rid of your cellphone plan. Just post your companies carrier, the amount you pay per month, the remaining term of your contract, the area that you live in, and a short description of your cell phone plan. Thereafter, the person interested in your plan comes in contact with you (by email or phone). is not responsible for any transactions of your plan (you should get in touch with your cellphone company to do the transfer. The purpose of this website is to provide a service that will allow you to find people willing to give or take the cell phone plan from someone else. (see terms and conditions to post on

Display of Logos

Companies such as Bell, Rogers, Telus, Virgin Mobile, Fido, Koodoo, Chat-r, Videotron, Public Mobile, Solo Mobile are listed on this website for informational purposes only. No sales are made ​​on has no commission or exclusivity on any of these companies mentioned above. The copyright of these companies remains to them. has no connection with these companies.

Terms and Conditions

1- Show your plan only if you live in Canada. 2- You can insert a post by email. 3- Users must be at least 16 years of age. Otherwise the ad will have to be displayed by an adult for safety reasons. 4- is a website where you can post a cell phone plan, not a product. 5- Any ad that does not comply with the regulations of, will be deleted. 6- It is forbidden to publish an ad in a language other than French or English. 7- It is forbidden to post any malicious or misleading information. 8- All "Spam" and unnecessary ad will be removed without notice. 9- If you display an ad that have opinions, notifications and themes of discussion, which should instead be discussed in discussion forums, will not be tolerated.